Unveiling the Wonders of the East: New Asian-Themed Terrain from Iron Gate Scenery!

Asian-Themed Terrain | Mojibake Collectibles

Calling all tabletop adventurers and wargamers venturing into the mystical realms of the East! Iron Gate scenery is thrilled to unveil a breathtaking collection of new Asian-themed terrain pieces, perfect for transporting your tabletop battles and roleplaying adventures to a whole new world.

Darumas & Statues:

No Asian-themed landscape is complete without a touch of spiritual significance or cultural flair. Our Darumas & Statues collection features a variety of captivating miniature statues, including the iconic Daruma dolls. In tabletop games, Daruma dolls can represent perseverance and good luck. Place them at the entrance of perilous dungeons to signify the challenges ahead, or incorporate them into storylines where characters must overcome obstacles to achieve their goals.

Bridge (A):

This stunning, ornately detailed bridge serves as a vital link across tranquil ponds, raging rivers, or treacherous chasms in your Asian-themed tabletop landscapes. Featuring a classic arched design with a decorative railing, this bridge can be a strategic point of control in wargames or a serene crossing point for wandering heroes.

Silent Guardians:

These Silent Guardians depict imposing lion statues. Whether they’re guarding temples, sacred sites, or hidden treasures. These models are the perfect addition to any Asian-themed tabletop landscape. Who knows, maybe these slumbering giants may awaken.

Asian Furniture (B):

This multipart piece features a variety of Asian-themed household items. The bamboo pieces add a sense of rustic elegance, while the snake pillars add a touch of the mysterious or exotic. These are perfect to furnish tea houses, outdoor patios, hidden temples, or as standalone pieces scattered around a grand palace.

This is just a handful of newly released products that cater to any Asian-themed tabletop game. Be sure to check out our ‘Asian Scenery’ category for everything we currently have on offer!

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