Top Sellers | February: Building Your Epic Tabletop Worlds with Iron Gate Scenery!

Top Sellers | February

Here’s a look at our top 5 best-selling 3D printed terrain pieces and miniatures that helped hobbyists craft truly immersive tabletop experiences:

#1: Hero Forge Printing Service

It’s no surprise that our Hero Forge Printing Service took the top spot! This service allows you to design your very own custom hero miniature using Hero Forge’s powerful design tool. Once you’ve created your dream warrior, wizard, or mythical beast, we take care of the high-quality 3D printing, bringing your unique character to life in stunning detail.

#2: Trapdoors

Adding a touch of surprise and danger to your tabletop adventures, the trapdoors proved to be a popular choice in February. This versatile piece can be used to represent hidden passages, dungeon entrances, or even a perilous pit trap waiting to claim unwary adventurers.

#3: Roman Braziers

February saw a surge in historical wargaming, and our Roman Braziers were a perfect addition to any legionary camp or opulent Roman villa. These detailed braziers cast flickering shadows and add a touch of realism to your historical tabletop battles.

#4: Shop Floor

Crafting a bustling marketplace or a gritty city street? Our Shop Floor provided the perfect foundation for building a variety of urban settings. This versatile piece can be used as-is or customized with additional details to create a truly unique location for your tabletop adventures.

#5: Brick Accessories

Rounding out our top 5 are the Brick Accessories. These versatile pieces add a touch of detail and texture to your existing terrain, perfect for creating crumbling walls, broken walkways, or even crafting intricate brickwork patterns.

These are just a few of the fantastic 3D printed models available at Iron Gate Scenery. We offer a wide variety of terrain pieces, miniatures, and accessories to help you create the perfect setting for your next tabletop adventure be it on the streets of Rome, in an unexplored fantastical world or during World War II.

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