Oghuz Turk Mercenary Horse Archers

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Brand: IronGateScenery

Scale: 28mm

Contents: 1 x Oghuz Turk Commander. 1 x Oghuz Turk Standard Bearer. 7 x Oghuz Turk Mercenaries. 9 x Horse.

Material: Resin

Sculptor: Reconquer Designs

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Our licensed miniatures boast exceptional quality, crafted from high-grade grey resins for intricate detailing. While we strive to minimize supports and post-print marks, the nature of the printing process may require occasional sanding to ensure a flawless fit. Each model is delivered unassembled and unpainted

Designed by Reconquer Designs, these are superb models and will be a fantastic addition to your historical miniature model collection.

While we sell the model in 1/56 scale, other scales are available, drop me an email and I will price it up for you.

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